A great night’s sleep is one of life’s enduring luxuries. Let us show you what goes into making the best sleep ever made. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason and a SleepMaker bed can certainly assist you in getting the perfect sleep.

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It only moves where you touch. Meet the Sensorzone® Sleep System. Each spring sits separately within a Dreamfoam® core and responds independently to movement, virtually removing partner disturbance.
Every bed is made to order by our expert craftsmen, using the finest materials and construction techniques. See how it all comes together above.


Designed to minimise partner disturbance for a sound sleep. Delivering a fresher, cleaner and more hygienic sleep experience. Durable support across the entire mattress surface.


An adjustable base that moves to help you to enjoy a better sleep. Personalise your sleep position for optimal comfort. Adjustable positions to provide support where it’s needed.